Mobile Fitting Services

As far North as Alaska and as far South as California, Empire Dance Shop has been traveling for over 30 years!

Let us come to you!

Empire Dance Shop has been traveling the West Coast and beyond since 1990! We cater each trip to your studio's needs and can bring as much or as little as you like. We've even gone so far to nearly empty out the entire store to make sure the dancers we travel to receive exactly what our local dancers do. Have a small group of dancers going up on pointe? We can come to you! Want to host us for a weekend for all local studios to shop for what they need? We'd love to be there! Empire Dance Shop is here for the dancer, near and far.


Are there any up-front costs to the Studio for you to travel?
There are not! Empire Dance Shop does not charge the host any sum of money for us to travel to you!

Do the dancers have to pay a fitting fee?
Unless the dancer wants to be fit and be given sizing information to order from online discount stores, there is no fitting fee!

Do you only bring pointe shoes?
No! If your dancers participate in other styles of dance, we can bring all the styles of shoes you need.

My studio has a dress code. Can you bring what we require our students to wear?
Absolutely! By providing us your most current requirements list we can ensure that we only bring what your dancers are allowed to wear.

How many dancers do we have to have fit for you to come to us?
For our smallest studios, we always encourage they open our visit to the surrounding dance community. Or we work your studio stop into a weekend-long studios visit. Since we bring a large variety of shoes and dancewear, we try to be sure to have something for everyone, not just the ballet dancers. It's important to us to tailor our trips to your needs. The smallest group we have fit has been 5 dancers, and the largest group being 100!

Want us to come to you? Contact us today!