Pointe Shoe Information

Commonly Asked Questions
Do I need an appointment to be fit for pointe shoes? 
Yes, appointments are required for all pointe shoe fittings. We have several options for fitting types, whether you just need a quick try on of the same shoe or it is your first pair, to ensure you have enough time to find what you need.

I've been released by my teacher to go en pointe; How long does it take to be fit?
For your first pair of pointe shoes, we give you approximately 1 hour for your fitting. This gives you plenty of time to find the correct type of padding, try on several styles of shoes, and go over sewing, care of your shoes and foot care. 

How long should my pointe shoes last?
This depends on how often you are dancing en pointe. A beginning pointe dancer taking one 15-minute class a week may only go through one pair per 6 - 12 months. Another more experienced dancer taking several classes a week en pointe may need new pointe shoes every 3 - 6 months. It all depends on the dancer and her level of dancing.

My feet are still growing; Can I buy shoes with extra growing room?
Unfortunately, no. Pointe shoes fit with extra growing room and just pointe shoes that do not fit properly. This can and will cause injury to the dancer.

Can I purchase pointe shoes to play around in and wear at home?
Unless you are released by your teacher/studio owner to be fit for pointe shoes, we will not fit and sell you pointe shoes.

Shoe Customizations

We offer a variety of customizations for pointe shoes! Need a nail moved? No problem? Want your shoe with a 3/4 shank? Easy-peasy! Here's a list of the customization options!

- Nail Pop (our most popular option!)
- 3/4 Shank (shank customization)
- Elastic Drawstring (switches the cotton drawstring of some pointe shoes to and elastic drawstring)
- Rubber Tips/Toe Cozies (Gives more traction on pointe shoes)